Being without a working HVAC system in a  blizzard and a hurricane

Being without a working HVAC system in a blizzard and a hurricane

I have lived in a lot of extreme weather.

I used to live up north where the weather became really cold.

I have been trapped or several blizzards. Then, when I became a little older I decided to move down south. I was so sick of the snow. Shortly after I moved I realized that I moved right into the path of many hurricanes. Dealing with each of these storms was very different. In a blizzard, you know it is possible for the power to go out and for the HVAC system to stop running. This would be terrible because your house would be so cold and you would freeze and have no electricity. In the south with the hurricanes it becomes very warm and with extreme hurricanes they can even wipe out all of your HVAC system. You could find that after a hurricane, your HVAC system is no longer working. I would have to call for an HVAC technician but they would not get to the house for a few days because of all of the other calls people actually make. The weather gets so hot down there that the house would fill with warm air. You would be extremely uncomfortable in your house. In each situation a serious HVAC problem could occur. There is always something to think about when it comes to your HVAC system. Which one would you rather happen to deal with? I know that neither of these situations are easy choices. It depends on which you can tolerate a lot more. The winter was much easier because nothing usually happened to the HVAC system that it would not work again after a few days. In the hurricane, you never know if it will work once it is over.

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